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Thursday, June 9, 2022

A Question Of Comfort (Talvas)

 Stephen and I like this rare-pair and all its anxiety ridden hurt/comfort potential chaos a normal healthy amount and yall are just along for the ride.

Thanks for the commission Stephen buddy!


OTP Challenge Spooning

The ash from the recent storm had settled, and seeing no use in wasting an opportunity for practice Kit and I stand out in the area close to the entrance to the main tower of Tel Mithryn. While we would never truly hurt each other, or at least I hope we wouldn't…the practice is beneficial.

Slowly we circle around and around, both hesitant to make the first move, until Kit unleashes a ball of magic in my direction that I easily dodge. We continue, now that the first shot has been fired in this round, and we’ve been at this for a few hours…yet neither of us wants to be the one to give in and call it quits first. Moving forward Kit quickly approaches me, taking me off guard with a quick and not particularly soft hit to the ribs before taking a few paces back and throwing another bit of magic with enough force to send me flying back right into an ash pile.

“Right then, I win.” The Breton smirks at me “We said no hand to hand combat.” I point out, managing to stand up. My ribs will be fine, but that wasn’t an overly pleasant feeling. “You cheated.” Kit simply shrugs “Oh Talvas, I’m a thief, of course I cheat. If it really upsets you that much go tell Teldryn about it” Maybe I will tell him, Kit, maybe I will. He begins to walk away when I realize something is missing from my person-

“Hey, give me back my wallet!!” I cry, scrambling after him as the Breton begins to walk toward Raven Rock, holding it on display as if to say “come and get me!” without a single regret.

…I did eventually manage to get my wallet back.

By the time I get to Raven Rock night has fallen and Kit manages to remarkably disappear even in the tiny town. Most likely he is either with Yuuri who is in town for some reason, or paying a visit to Glover Mallory. The latter is after all a member or former member of the thieves guild. Finding Teldryn is no difficult matter though, I find him in one of his usual spots- this time on the first floor of the inn sitting close to the fire. Noticing my entrance though he gets up, and walks downstairs to the main floor, silently motioning for me to follow, and eventually takes a seat at a quiet table away from prying eyes. “You alright?” Teldryn asks, brushing some ash off my shoulder. “Me?” I shrug “Yeah…I’m alright. Just practicing with Kit, we’d agreed no hand to hand combat, but then he decided to hit me in the ribs and send me flying into an ash pile.” I trail off toward the end, I should have seen it coming. Teldryn folds his arms and leans on the table “If you two made a deal he should have stuck to it. Good thing he doesn’t work for Eno or he would never get away with that behavior.” He pauses “You feel okay now?” Teldryn asks, and again I shrug. “I’ll take that as a no. The problem is not the sparring though, is it?” Damn you Teldryn Sero and your ability to read emotions well. “He didn’t have to be an asshole about it.” I mumble “Pickpocketed me too, had to chase him to get my wallet back…” I look up briefly to see Teldryn looking at me with a fond smile “Poor thing, think you’d be used to people being assholes by now, you deal with Neloth all the time after all.” I frown “But Neloth is also the more verbal degradation kind of asshole rather than pick your pocket kind of asshole.” Teldryn corrects himself. “The little mage just needs some comfort, is that it?” I’m not little I think to myself, but am too tired to protest the wording…and comfort in whatever form is offered would be nice.

Trying not to cry, I nod. Teldryn puts a hand against my cheek briefly before retracting it. “Is that it?” I ask, attempting to keep my voice from breaking. “Of course not.” He gets up and takes one of my hands, pulling me up too “Come on, this way.” Taking me by the hand I’m led back to the room he rents from Geldis and the door is opened, and then closed and locked behind us.

Privacy thankfully allows for the dropping of pretenses needed to be kept up as to not make a fool of oneself in public. “Alright, come here.” Having taken off his boots Teldryn holds his arms open and pulls me into a tight hug, whispering things quietly even when I begin to cry, and only let’s go when I’m ready. “Feel better?” Wiping away the few remaining tears I shake my head. Sure, the hug and being able to cry helped, but it doesn’t change the fact that I still feel awful. As a result Teldryn crosses his arms and looks at me for a moment, seemingly thinking. Being stared at is slightly uncomfortable, even if it’s not in a negative context. Before I realize however my hand is grabbed and I’m led into the adjoining room where the bath is, I guess it’s a good thing I brought spare clothes with me after all.

Still in a bit of a daze I eventually come to while in the process of being partly undressed, the multiple outer layers in various states of removal, and begin to help until I’m undressed to the point of only my shirt and trousers. Teldryn then begins to work on his own layers of clothing, most of the armor had already been removed earlier in the evening as he hadn’t done much during the day, but regardless there are still a few pieces that need to be taken off with all their respective clasps and laces and whatever other manner of object keeps them together. I reach out my hand in an attempt to help only to have it batted away “You try to do too much, sit down, this won’t take long.” The strong suggestion is accompanied by a hand gesturing to a nearby stool, and so I quietly sit, fidget, and watch as everything comes off piece by piece by piece.

By the time that’s done the bath has been filled and the tap turned off. On my own accord I finish getting undressed and step into the warm water, Teldryn follows suit, the bath is not extremely large but it’s big enough to fit the both of us comfortably. Originally I sit on one end with my knees drawn up toward my chest silently, but by the end find myself curled up next to Teldryn with an arm around my shoulder and rambling all about my bottled up emotions ranging from Kit throwind me in that ash pile to Neloth and his insanity to how desperately I need a day off and other topics. He gets out first and after drying off and getting dressed sits by the edge as I still sit, moving my hand through the water and watching it ripple and eventually fade until it happens again. “It’s interesting that you like to play with the water even if you can’t swim.” Teldryn points out and I look up at him “What can I say? Dunmer and water don't mix.” I reply with a slight grin and he smiles, messing up my hair “Yes yes I know I hear the Redoran guard muttering about it all the time. ‘Dunmer weren’t meant to ride on water’ too.” He replies. I wonder if Kit can swim then, my guess is probably, Bretons and Redguards are known for their seafaring skills around the iliac bay and beyond. Perhaps I’ll have to find out one of these days.

After a few more minutes of talking and splashing around I get out of the bath and get dressed after drying off. “I need to convince Neloth to fix the hot water one of these days. Can’t take a nice long bath without it becoming freezing a quarter of the way through. Heating it with a flame spell only turns it from freezing to boiling so it's not much help either.” I say pulling on my shirt, in response I’m reminded that I’m always welcome here when I’m in the area. If only I were in the area more often, I think to myself. With a brief kiss against my cheek I’m left to finish getting dressed with Teldryn going back to the other room where once completely dressed I find him laying on the bed, arms tucked behind his head. One arm comes away from its spot and pats the place next to him. I go to move to the other side in order to lay down where directed, but stop part way through and instead climb on the bed and into his lap. “That works too I guess.” Teldryn muses pulling me down and kissing my cheek again “Tired yet?” I’m asked as a hand runs through my hair repetitively “A little.” I mumble when in reality I can barely keep my eyes open. Teldryn sits up with me in his arms still and briefly stands, picking me up, in order to move so we are under the covers instead of laying on top of them. “Why did Kit cheat?” I ask in a state of half asleep curiosity. “Probably because he’s a thief, it’s in his nature. I can ask Yuuri about it when I see him tomorrow. Do you feel better about things now?” Cuddling closer I nod, the warmth and affection is comforting. With a hand still carding through my hair I peacefully fall asleep.

“Hey, Talvas, wake up.” I’m prodded lightly in my still sore ribs and brought out of sleep “What is it?” I grumble, rubbing my eyes, still tired. “Time to wake up.” With a groan I fall face first against the pillows, I’m not getting up just yet. “Talvas…” I can hear a foot tapping against the floor too now, and as a result cover my head with the pillow. It’s too early for sound and getting up and doing things, I’d much rather continue to sleep. Unfortunately for me life has a way of not considering what I want and the covers are pulled back much to my annoyance “What time is it anyways?” I groan from my spot beneath the pillow. “Time to get up and eat something.” I’m not even hungry- why can’t I just sleep peacefully for once in my life? With an exasperated sigh of annoyance I sit up and attempt to fix my messy hair before getting out of bed and over to the small table across the room. Breakfast is typical, rice porridge and tea, it’s a bit bland, but it's alright as I’m not particularly hungry anyways. In the middle of breakfast there's a knock at the door which Teldryn answers and talks to whoever is outside, I can’t quite see because he’s blocking the view, but it seems to be another Dunmer based on the glimpses I can catch and the fact they’re speaking in Daedric- though it’s not Geldis as they’re speaking a dialect mostly spoken on the Mainland…it wouldn’t be Neloth then, either, or Valan. Perhaps it’s Yuuri, or Eno if he happened to be in the area for some reason with Valan? While they talk quietly I continue to poke at my breakfast, not eating it as much as playing with it, at least I drink my tea.

After some time Teldryn turns to me “Someone is here to see you.” he tells me, still holding the door partially open. Huh, I wonder if it is Yuuri after all. I get up and approach the door and confirm my suspicions. Yuuri stands in the doorway, dressed in his usual attire, shirt and trousers with a jacket and boots that seem to rotate between three pairs with a bag stuffed with papers around his shoulder that sits against his side. “Heard you had a rough day of it yesterday thanks to a certain Breton thief, am I right?” He asks and I nod in confirmation, which results in a sigh from Yuuri and he begins to search through his bag for something, pulling out a small velvet pouch “Well, seeing as he is still asleep and will probably sneak off somewhere to steal something before I get back I apologize on his behalf and will attempt to convince him to apologize in person if I can. In the meantime, here's this for the trouble he caused you.” Yuuri hands me the small bag and I look inside, it’s money. “Also, he somehow managed to get his thieving little hands on this too and I have no clue how or what but is this yours?” He pulls out a heavily annotated book and a few pieces of carved wood wrapped together with a piece of rope. “That’s the book with all the spells and enchantments I use for Neloths staff enchanter and the one I was working on.” I manage to get out, slightly shocked at the sight of the objects. How in the world did he get his hands on them? Yuuri looks visibly unhappy. “I’m now glad I carry a key to the lab, because he is never allowed up there again.” I hear Yuuri mutter to himself. “Anyways, here you go, I’m sorry about the other thing and especially about this, won’t happen again, I promise. If it does tell me and I’ll talk to him…or have Eno give him a lecture on honor and the rules of combat and how thievery from certain factions is a very bad idea, I don’t know…I’ll figure something out.” I take the staff pieces and the book from him and Yuuri bids us farewell before heading off, likely to deal with Kit and his problematic behavior, leaving Teldryn and I alone. As I set aside the objects Teldryn closes the door again and sits down to finish his tea, which now requires a bit more hot water. “How did he find out about yesterday?” I ask, pouring some more hot water in my own cup. “Ah, a little birdie told him” Tedlryn jokes as he stretches and cracks his neck “No, I told him last night, he stopped by the inn for a drink after you had already fallen asleep.” I guess that explains it then, and satisfied with the answer don’t ask more questions. “Feeling better now that you have an apology from the more honest of the pair and your stuff back?” Teldryn questions as I focus on drinking my tea and trying not to burn myself. “In the scheme of things yes, but if that ever happens again I may need you to prevent me from committing homicide.” Teldryn simply nods “Good, I’m glad you’re feeling better, and don’t worry about it I’ll stop you if you decide murder looks like a potential necessity. After all, I did formerly murder people for money, I am well versed in its tactics even if they involve magic.” with a barely noticeable smile he gets up and clears his dishes, messing up my hair again as he passes by and sits down on the bed once done with everything. Curious, I look over at him and he gestures for me to come over, but I need to finish my now lukewarm breakfast. By the time I am almost finished it seems Teldryns patience has run out, as he gets up, takes the spoon out of my grasp and simply picks me up much to my surprise, and walks back over to the bed. We wind up in a similar position to last night with me sitting on his lap. “What are we doing now?” I ask, looking over at my bowl on the table when suddenly Teldryn lays down, taking me with him so I end up with my head resting against his shoulder until we change position again. “You said you were still tired, so here’s your opportunity. I’ve got nothing to do today, and you’ve had a rough week. So the question of comfort was asked by the universe and the answer is you absolutely need it, as a result you’ll get as many cuddles and whatever else in reason you want.” That makes me smile, cuddles sound nice. Mostly I just want a nap, and lucky me I get one wrapped up against someone warm and surrounded by soft blankets…I’ll take this over my bedroll on the floor any day.

…I really need to convince Neloth to let me have a day off, don’t I?

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Love Letter (Talvas)

 A prompt from April's writing challenge that I never got around to posting that month, this is just gay pining and sass, enjoy! I'll be busy recovering from surgery that was done yesterday to remove some sketchy lymph nodes so hopefully I'll be able to get through some of my WIP list!

“Well what do we have here- a letter?” Valan asks picking up the piece of paper, nosy as always. I doubt he can actually read it, and is more doing it for a reaction, and he succeeds in getting one as I grab the paper out of his hands telling him it’s private. He might have otherwise free run of the place but my personal property is not included in that, he can go rifle through Neloth’s personal belongings if he wants, I don’t care, but hands off my stuff. “Fine, fine, I wouldn’t be able to read it anyways the prints too small…but someone’s awfully defensive hmm?” Crossing my arms I silently stare at him for awhile before deciding I’ve had enough of this and need a break, grabbing my coat and proceed to attempt to leave. “What’re you doing- where are you going?” Valan asks as I walk over toward the landing to the second floor and descend to the entryway “Somewhere!” is the only reply he gets as I leave the building shutting the door forcefully behind me. There aren’t many places to go on this island, so raven rock will suffice, it’s got food, warm buildings not full of insane wizards with actual beds, and the author of said letter, and that’s a trio I can’t complain about. The walk though- that’s something to rant about. Trudging through the ash I get to the bulwark just as the sun is setting and the Redoran guard let me through without trouble, they’ve seen me enough here with Neloth that they recognize me. Most shops are closed by now and since I’d skipped lunch the most logical option is to head toward the inn. Stepping inside I take off my hood and scarf and plop down in a chair at the table where Teldryn, the author of the earlier letter, sits quietly reading. “Let me guess, Neloth got on your nerves so you decided to escape?” He asks, not looking up from the book “Valan actually for a change, being nosy.” That gets a brief laugh sounding noise out of him and we discuss the incident in further detail for awhile as I wait for Drovas to bring my dinner and as I eat, it’s been awhile since I had something that wasn’t apple-cabbage stew and canis root tea. After dinner is finished we sit and continue to chat paying no mind to the quickly emptying inn as the hour grows late and patrons head home, those who don’t live in the inn itself, that is. Teldryn doesn’t have that problem given the fact he rents a room from Geldis, and as fatigue begins to overtake me that room is sounding better by the second. Sleepiness combined with pure exhaustion sets in quickly and so taking me by the hand Teldryn leads me down the steps and to the little room at the end of the hall, closing the door behind him after bidding Geldis goodnight. Luckily I’m still lucid enough to handle getting dressed on my own, but immediately after fall face down into the bed. “When did you go to bed last night, Talvas?” I’m asked as my hair is played with softly “6:00” I reply, usually I’d be more concerned, or at least embarrassed, but I’m past the point of caring. “In the morning?!” I’m asked for clarification and nod weakly in reply, yes, six in the morning, and that’s not the latest time I’ve gone to bed this week…it’s been a long week. Teldryn sighs, a mix of not quite disappointment and perhaps frustration, before getting back up to get changed and ready for bed himself, rejoining me shortly after. Out of habit I roll and move myself closer until I’m pulled into a tight but comforting hug of sorts. Now if I fall asleep immediately I should get hopefully at least seven hours of sleep in a row, and that would be a record for this week, if I’m to be honest. Unfortunately for me, things do not go according to plan, and I wake up an hour or two later feeling rather awful. Noticing the change Teldryn wakes up and after asking what’s wrong also puts a hand to my forehead briefly, much to my confusion. “You’re a bit warm, not quite a fever but definitely warmer than you should be- want some water?” Now that he mentions it I do feel rather warm, particularly my cheeks which I’m assuming must be some shade of red. Combined with the fact I almost certainly don’t drink enough water I accept the offer and down the glass and half of another one rather quickly after receiving them, and it helps as much as it can making me comfortable enough to go back to sleep without trouble. Whatever it was must have temporarily altered my mental state as upon waking in the morning, or more accurately afternoon, I’m told I had quite a bit to say about that letter incident, and more about the letter itself, possibly even revealing I keep them locked away in a special chest with some other special possessions to look at when sad. But contrary to my expectation, that was only met with endearment instead of the mocking I was expecting. Feeling better after as good a nights sleep as I'll get and breakfast with actual substance I’m sent off on my way, now I’ll just spend my days fixing staffs, taming ash guardians, and awaiting another letter.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Caught In The Crossfire (Vilkas)


Did I just open the multiverse (again) to have the twins give TBB a mini one shot lecture on being good siblings? Yes, yes I did. Happy Star Wars day and May the 4th be with you.

This world is…strange. Unfamiliar. Almost dreamlike. “Where are we?” I ask, looking around. “A world very much not our own…” Anna mutters, trying to figure out how that portal spell had ended up well…here. Suddenly we are all dragged out of our thoughts by a strange noise and an even stranger sight “Farkas, what is that?” He shrugs in reply, it looks like some sort of dwemer airship, but smaller, more angular, and rather beaten up, with a skull and two numerical characters in an unknown language painted on the side. The ship lands and a door opens, with an armored man walking out of it. “Did Rex send you?” The bandana clad man asks. “Um…No. Who’s Rex? And, where are we?” Anna asks the man “You’re on a small planet in the outer rim, as for Rex…forget I said anything. You three don’t seem like you’re from here.” Having overheard the conversation a little girl pokes her head out from the ship, looking at us and as the man turns back to his ship talks to him “They seem lost, Hunter. We can’t just leave them here, they’ll freeze.” A booming voice comes from inside the ship agrees with her, and with a sigh the long haired man, now identified as “Hunter” comes back to us “Well, you don’t seem like you're with the empire, and you seem lost, so I guess we’ll help you get home.”  The man waves for us the follow him and we do, the ship door closing and taking off.

The three of us sit in a small area toward the back of the ship, the little girl coming over and sitting down close to us. “You seem lost.” She says, and all of us nod. “But that’s okay, we’ll help you get home.” I ask the girl what this air ship sort of is, apparently it’s a “space ship” called “the havoc marauder” and is fully equipped with weapons we couldn’t even imagine. “And who are those people?” I ask, pointing to the four armored men each doing their own sort of thing toward the front of the ship. “Those are my brothers.” She replies, pointing out each one. “Hunter.” She says pointing to the long haired man, who seems to be the leader. “Echo.” A strange looking man with some sort of false limbs and unnaturally pale skin takes a nap. “Wrecker.” That must have been the booming voice agreeing with her that we heard earlier, for someone of his size he seems almost childish. “Tech.” The only one with white armor in comparison to the black painted armor and glasses looks over some documents. “And…” she goes to point somewhere but trails off. “You?” Farkas asks her. “Crosshair.” Wrecker adds, having been eavesdropping on the conversation. “But he left…” he adds sadly. “Not entirely willingly, after all, he was under the influence of the inhibitor chip, as Omega later informed us. She was, after all, part of medical personnel.” Tech adds to Wreckers comment. So that must be her name, Omega. “What’s an inhibitor chip?” Anna asks, curious. “An organic chip was added to all clones during development in order to make them more obedient, however, due to our mutations, some worked more than others. Nevertheless, crosshair has always been severe and unyielding in personality, even before the empire.” So an empire exists here too, lovely.

Having finished the initial conversation there’s a period of silence, until Wrecker points out, they’re trying to find their brother in order to bring him back, as they removed their chips with the help of someone named Rex, but Crosshair is apparently trying to kill them. “Why don’t you just catch him and tie him up or something?” Anna probes Tech, but Echo answers instead “Because he’d shoot us all before we could get close to him. That’s what happened on Bracca.” Apparently, Bracca is another planet in this very strange universe. And we are apparently on route for another planet to try and intercept Crosshair at a weak point. “How can we help?” Anna asks the group “These two can fight.” She points to my brother and I “And I can both fight and use magic.” She adds. Omega goes over to her “Are you a Jedi?” She asks, and Anna, confused , shakes her head “No, don’t know what that is, just a mage.” To demonstrate, Anna pulls up a small flame spell between her fingers.

“What else can you do with that?” Hunter asks, looking at the fire flickering in her hands. “Telekinesis, Larger versions of the fire spell, transmutation, some minor mind control things like courage, artificial light, conjuration, healing, etc.” Anna lists and Hunter looks at Tech “are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Tech adjusts his glasses “If you’re thinking we somehow use her telekinetic abilities to keep Crosshair still enough to either remove the chip or otherwise try to get through to him, yes.” Tech looks at Anna “It may be dangerous, Crosshair is known to be an excellent sharpshooter, but the decision is yours. As repayment, I’m sure we can give you a cut of our profits from Cid, as well as return you to wherever it is you are originally from.” Anna thinks it over a moment, before agreeing.

Well that’s great, we’re now caught in the crossfire between four lethal brothers and their little sister, lovely.

The ship lands on a remote planet, and Tech and Echo go ahead, taking out Crosshair's small squad of soldiers, drawing him alone back to the meeting spot, where Anna works her magic. Crosshair looks like what I'd expect someone with that name to look like, tall, thin, rather edgy, with a tattoo of a weapon Crosshair by his eye. There is some argument between him and Hunter until, having looked at each other, Farkas and I decide to interrupt. “From having known all of you for an hour to a few days at most it seems like you desperately need a lesson on how to be a good sibling.” The group stop shouting and listen “You, I know you feel hurt, betrayed even, but face it, you did try and kill them multiple times, no matter if it was under your control or not. That’s a break of trust.” I say to Crosshair who frowns at me. “And you, I get you have to protect the others, but you have to see it from both angles, and take into consideration that maybe he was hurt that you didn’t try to rescue him earlier, that he doesn’t want to come back. At least not yet. You need dialogue, not assumptions. Now I only have someone who’s a copy of my DNA rather than millions of people with various copies of it mutated and not, but the same goes for us. Disagreement is part of being a sibling, but in order to get along you have to talk to each other, and work it out.” Wrecker looks like he’s about to cry, Echo seems like he feels out of place having not originally been part of this squad, and lost his closest brother when he was still behind enemy lines. And Omega simply stares silently at Hunter and Crosshair, who refuse to look at each other. “We still would have taken ya if you tried to come back, and we still will.” Wrecker says to the restrained Crosshair sadly. “We want different things, Crosshair.” Hunter begins, gesturing for Anna to release him, which she does. “But if and when you want to come home, we’ll be here.” Crosshair dusts himself off and turns away from his brothers as they head back onto their ship, before flying away. As the ship takes off, I spot out of the corner of my eye that he looks back at the ship and turns away again. While not ideal, by any means, that look gives me a bit of hope that perhaps they will mend their relationship someday. Anna making a noise having been flipping through a book for hours draws me out of my thoughts “Can you drop us off at the next hospitable planet? I figured out how to get us back.” She tells the group of soldiers.

Having landed, and Anna bringing up a portal with the familiar sight of the outskirts of Whiterun we bid farewell to this strange group of soldiers. Omega in particular thanks us for the help, and waves as we leave. I hope we never see them again, as it was overall a very strange experience, but I am glad that Farkas and I despite being quite literally caught in crossfire were able to help them begin to mend their obvious distrustful relationship. Being a sibling can be challenging, but at the end of the day, even if it’s very deep down, you love them anyways.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Painting and Picnics (Yuuri)

 The technically third to last prompt as I've got two other prompts that I need to finish for this April writing challenge that will be posted at a later date. Happy last day of April for once it's not awful weather here today (though it will thunderstorm later) and that had me in the mood for a bit of nice weather related short form fluff.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to always cover any surface while painting, and paints mixed with honey are a watercolorist's best friend. Sitting down at my desk I first cover the area with a spare piece of newsprint, after all it’s easy to find and thicker than the alternative rice paper. Paints are stored in another drawer and my current work in progress sits in the spot I left it to try near the window. All that’s left is a quick trip down the hall to fill a jar with water and to continue where I left off. Painting is a hobby I’ve done for years, a good way to destress from the exhausting nature of work, and something that can be done practically anywhere- though I prefer the quiet solitude of being locked away in my study without anyone to disturb me. Unfortunately for me today someone is rather intent on doing exactly that as I hear sound coming from across the room near the window and out of the corner of my eye see a rustling in the bushes outside. For now I ignore it, and it’s not until I look up again to find the window open and Kit halfway in the process of climbing in do I stop what I was doing. “Really? You couldn’t have gone in the front door?” He gives me a grin “No, because then you wouldn’t let me in here.” That’s true, the door to the study is locked from the inside, but I’m sure he’d find a way to pick it, he’s done it before after all, the little menace. Landing nearly silently he stands up straight and stretches for a minute. “Why do you lock yourself in here anyways, it’s nice outside.” He tells me, coming over and looking over my shoulder at my work in progress. “Because it’s my one day of free time and I’m able to do what I want with it.” I reply dipping the brush in water again and continuing to paint, hoping he’ll get the idea and leave me be, even if he stays in the room. Thankfully he does, and resigns himself to wandering around the little office rambling about all kinds of topics until I’m finished. After some clean up and leaving things to dry I stand up, it’s around lunchtime by now, a bit after perhaps, and he was right about the weather. Today seems like a nice day for a picnic, and that’s exactly what we do.

In The Forests Of Falkreath (Anna)

 Today's prompt was forest and I was a bit lost on what to do for it until I remembered Hircine's quest with Sinding and how boring and depressing Falkreath really is. It was either werewolves or Barbas but the best Daedric doggo is being saved for a longer fic instead of a half a quest mini fic written at midnight.

“Remind me why we have to go to Falkreath again?” Farkas asks after catching up to me, having stopped to examine something earlier while I’d continued along the road. “To be honest…I don’t really know, but I got a letter from the Jarl to pay him a visit, and currently have nothing better to do.” That’s not really true I suppose, as I do need to go to Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve that dragonstone, but I don’t really want to do that right now. Falkreath is nearby, anyways, and I’ve still yet to visit the place. “What’s Falkreath like?” I ask as the two of us walk along the main road that goes along the route of the lake before turning inwards. “Boring.” is the only answer I get on the matter, with a mutter of something else that’s too quiet to hear. Oh well, I’ll just have to judge it for myself. The city, if one can call it that, is located in an area of dense forest compared to the open tundra that's ever so slightly further west. The blacksmith mentions he’s been looking for his dog as we enter Falkreath and I make a mental note to look for it. But the main reason we’re here lies just up ahead, with a large wooden building where the Jarl lives. Once inside it’s noticeable quite quickly that in comparison to other officials I’ve met, this one is far younger, perhaps thirty or so, and attended by the steward, as well as an older man who I learn was the former Jarl before stepping down rather recently. Introductions are fairly standard, and it turns out I already happened to have something he wanted me to fetch, which earns a small reward and that’s always a good thing. After being waived off as there are more important matters to attend to we decide to wander around for a bit, but find something quite unexpected. A man stands near a farm obviously upset, and upon questioning explains his daughter was recently killed by a man named Sinding who apparently is a werewolf. I’ve never heard of werewolves murdering children, and neither has Farkas, who in the scheme of things is the expert here though he doesn’t tell the man. “Time to go pay a visit to the jail?” Hmmm, I suppose that’s the most logical course of action, and so we do, stopping on the way to visit the local alchemist and leaving significantly more disturbed than we were when entering the establishment. With a bit of careful persuasion the guards allow us to visit the incarcerated murderer who explains his story, it seems that his situation is much for curse like than that of The Circle, and he gives a ring to me, before escaping much to the commotion of the guards. “What the hell just happened” I say to myself, looking between the ring in my hand and the now empty cell before the guards push me out of the way. Luckily, Farkas catches me before I fall, as usual, and helps me back to my feet. “Well…that’s not good.” a guard says, standing in the empty jail cell looking toward the ceiling. A good note for the future; don’t put the werewolf in a cell that has an open grate or skylight. Having concluded that neither of us were involved though the guards let the two of us go, now it’s just a matter of following Sindings instructions, and out into the forest we go. I suppose it’s true, then, bears, beasts, and other fouler things do dwell in the dark forests of the world…

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Stuck (Issy)

 Of all the places I expected to get stuck in, a castle in the middle of Cyrodiil was not one of them. It should have been simple, go and clear out the place to begin renovating it, but nooooo, things always have to be difficult don’t they, and here I am, stuck with the gate locked attempting to fight off a minotaur while mountain lions prowl around ever so slightly further west. Today is not my day, much like the day before, and how I assume the day after today will go as well. If there is one constant thing in this divines forsaken country it's the fact that I will continue to have every manner of bad thing happen. With a sigh of frustration I run up the steps to the battlements as simply waiting for the beast to leave has proven useless, and decide I might as well pull a bow on it and see if shooting it does any good. To my surprise, it does, though it takes numerous shots to the point I’m nearly out of arrows…I should really learn a bound bow spell. Now that the primary bit of trouble is done I’m able to safely leave the castle to get rid of the other nuisance. Being stuck in Cyrodiil has it’s perks, such as fairly temperate weather compared to other places I could be stuck in, and overall decent food. However as I slay the final mountain lion that nearly clawed a large gash in my abdomen I’m reminded that it’s native flora and fauna can be rather bothersome. Oh well, there are worse places to be stuck, I suppose.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Character Reference: Fa Ling

 Side character reference sheet as she pops up every now and then with Valan and his shenanigans 

Full name: Fa Ling ( Common written order: Ling Fa)

Languages spoken: Common, Daedric, Ashlander

Birthday: January 4th 3E 402

Age: 25

Height: 5 foot 3 inches

Weight: 145

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Black

Race: Dunmer

Significant other: Hui Lin (Common written order: Lin Hui)

Children: None

Class: Spellsword

Profession: Morag Tong Assassin/Redoran Guard Detective

Gender: Female

Gender expression: Feminine

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Known disabilities: Insomnia from chronic stress related to occupation, scar tissue from past arrow injury to shoulder

Siblings: Unknown number

Parents: Unknown Redoran affiliates

Current Residence: Raven Rock, Solstheim

Alias's/ Also Known As: Detective Ling

Image description: Ink drawing of Fa Ling in traditional clothing with staff